Mangrove Stories

Mangrove Stories

Come to beautiful Mangrove, Florida, a tropical paradise where the days are hot, the nights are sultry, and love is in the air, carried by a blue ocean breeze. Don't miss these heartwarming romances by Mary Calmes.

In Blue Days, Dwyer Knolls and Takeo Hiroyuki defy tradition and risk their careers for a chance at romance—and the hope that their connection is worth everything they’ll sacrifice.

Kelly Seaton and Cosimo Renaldi have been through war, injury, and starting over together. Are they ready to face their pasts and become more than friends in Quiet Nights?

Best friends Hutch Crowley and Mike Rojas would make a perfect couple—and everyone sees it but them! Maybe the rest of the town can help them find what they’ve been missing in Sultry Sunset.

Will rent boy Lazlo Maguire get a second chance with the only man he never viewed as a transaction, Britton Lassiter? Or will the secrets that tore them apart before ruin their future in Easy Evenings?

Can Fire Chief Essien Dodd’s daughter help him and Roark Hammond get together and escape their loneliness in …


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  • Release Date: February, 17 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-63533-444-9
  • Page Count: 350
  • Cover Artist: Reese Dante
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