Heart in Hand

Heart in Hand

A Warder Series Novella Simon Kim is very much in love with Leith Haas, but Leith is a Warder. His job—hunting demons—is dangerous and important, and Simon doesn’t want to distract the man he loves more than life with the small stuff. But he doesn’t quite get that when a Warder takes a Hearth, the Warder gives his heart without reservation. When Leith claimed Simon, Leith bared his soul, leaving himself vulnerable before the only man he’s certain he’ll ever love. When Simon is sucked further into Leith’s perilous world—and into an alternate dimension—Simon realizes that the only strength he can give his Warder is the strength of his love. Can Simon sacrifice the control he has come to treasure for the man who already owns his soul?



I WAS working late, which had been happening a lot lately, but there was always some pressing employee problem that turned into a fire drill if it didn’t get handled quickly without missing any steps in the process. Being as I was at the bottom of the human resources department food chain, a generalist not a manager, my desk was the first stop for everything, without fail. 

Of course, the one night when I had somewhere else to be was when it took even longer than usual to send out all my e-mails and return voice messages. I was still done earlier than I thought I would be, and even though it was Friday and the traffic would be nuts, I was hoping I could still make the gallery opening. When I was finally ready to go, I was startled to look up from my laptop screen to find Eric Donovan standing in my doorway.

“Shit, Eric.” I caught my breath. “You scared the crap outta me.”

“Sorry. I asked at the front desk and they said you were still here.”

I squinted at him. “Why are you here?”

“’Cause I wanted to talk to you.”

“Why not call?”

He cleared his throat, raking his fingers through his thick brown hair. “Because I can never say what I want to on the phone.”

“Okay.” I nodded. It was strange but I let it go. “So what do you need?”

“Can you look at me?”

“Yep,” I answered even though it took me a minute. I made sure my laptop powered down and then lowered the cover before I gave him my attention. 

“It’s so good to see you.”

I nodded. 

He crossed the room, and as he moved, I noticed the smile he was giving me was more…


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